Dan Shipper Talks About Organizing Notes and AI

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Kevin B. Ridgway
by Kevin B. Ridgway

Dan Shipper over on the "Chain of Thought" newsletter over on the network of newsletters had an interesting thought about something I've been noodling a lot about – AI and your own corpus of personal notes.

Dan thinks we're wasting time on organizing our notes ourselves, and that GPT-3 and similar LLM (large language models) will be doing it for us.

I like this take a lot. Here are my two favorite quotes from the piece:

AI changes this equation. A better way to unlock the value in your old notes is to use intelligence to surface the right note, at the right time, and in the right format for you to use it most effectively. When you have intelligence at your disposal, you don’t need to organize. - Dan Shipper

LLMs can truly turn your notes into a second brain. They can enrich notes as you’re writing them to create more context, automatically taxonomize and synthesize them, and present them back to you in a way that clicks later on—so you can actually use them. - Dan Shipper

I'm looking forward to how AI can take my personal notes and make them more useful.